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Sober Activities List

Once a patient has completed our substance abuse rehabilitation program, they may initially struggle to find sober activities that feed their interest. For many addicts, drug and alcohol use has become such a vital part of their social life that it can be hard to locate fun and excitement that does not involve using. In an effort to illuminate some social, engaging and sober activities, we’ve compiled a sober activities list to get you started.


Whether for a weekend or weeknight, games are a great activity to keep you engaged and entertained. Card games, board games and role-playing games can involve friends, fun and laughs with a low cost and high level of engagement. Consider setting up a weekly game night, inviting your friends and  sharing a few sodas and snacks.

The Great Outdoors

As found with our own treatment center activities, the great outdoors can play a positive role in the recovery process. Biking, camping, hiking, swimming and even jogging are wonderful ways to stay fit, have fun and remain sober. Hop online and search of day hikes in your local area. Not only is it a great way to spend your time, but a positive environment to make new friends.


Most areas have at least one studio where people can dance socially or sign up for lessons. Learn some new moves and make a point to attend to the social events. These gatherings are another great way to build relationships and network in a positive and sober manner.

The Big Screen!

Movies have always been the perfect escape from the day-to-day routine. If you’re not feeling social or just need some down time, a trip to the theater or movie night at home can be the perfect way to spend your time.


Even if you’re not seeking a degree, taking a class at your local community college is a great way to learn a new skill. Take a peek at available courses and choose something that interests you. Cooking, music, and psychology are all wonderful areas to lose yourself.

Final Note

Though it may take some time to locate an activity that suits your interests, the important part is that you try. Maybe you’re not the best dancer, or chef, or guitarist… it doesn’t matter. Find something that makes you happy and give it a go. When it comes to sober fun, the sky is the limit.

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